Present situation
Unemployment rate in Thunder Bay is being reported as lower than the provincial and national average. However, in talking with people from all walks of life another picture emerges.
Frank worked as a grain handler and has had direct experience with the loss of jobs in the traditional sectors of our economy
While there are pockets of growth in certain sectors (mostly in the service industry, mining, health and education) the drop in the rate is to some extent the result of people leaving the work force. Some are leaving the city all together in search of greener pasture (close to 8,000 since 1996, when the population stood at 117,000. It was 109,000 in the 2011 Statistics Canada Census), others are retiring, and many more are dropping off the workforce due to discouragement and after having exhausted their employment insurance benefits.

As it can be observed in the chart to the left, the number of people actually employed in Thunder Bay has dropped to levels not seen since 1999-2000.

Background information
As someone who has already experienced 8 career changes during my working life, I understand the uncertainty of today's work environment. Many unemployed people have lost their jobs due to restructuring and downsizing. Retraining is not always an option, and even when it is, the jobs are just not there.

While it may seem that job creation is not within the realm of responsibility of a municipal government, a Mayor and Council can do a lot to create a climate that will encourage investments and lead to jobs and prosperity.
My involvement as a volunteer Director on the North Superior Workforce Planning Board www.nswpb.ca has provided me with excellent insights and experience in the changing nature of the workforce. Such community partnerships have already helped create better prospects for jobs and employment across all sectors of our local economy.
The "About Frank" and " Videos" pages of this web site provide additional example of such experience and initiatives aimed at helping people who are facing difficulties in the workforce.   
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