Business Owners

Large Businesses
While Thunder Bay has traditionally benefited from the large employment from natural resources and transportation industries, fluctuating commodity prices, high energy costs, and increasing global competition is forcing investments in automation, with a resulting decrease in the number of people now being employed in these industries.

Thunder Bay is Open for Business

Small Business
Like in so many other parts of the country, small business is now providing the largest employment gains and quickly becoming the backbone of our economy. Unfortunately, most of the growth in small business ownership in Thunder Bay has occurred as a result of downsizing and restructuring at all levels of government and in the larger resource-based industries.
This sector has the potential to transform our community by creating many needed jobs and helping develop a more reliant and diversified economy. However, it still faces many difficulties and issues.

Thunder Bay can attract investments from outside and from within our own community, but in order to do so we must ensure that when we say we are "open for business" we really mean it.
The small business sector needs a receptive, capable, and helpful Mayor and Council in order to grow and prosper. Our future as a viable community depends on it. As Councillor at Large and with the support of the Mayor and the rest of Council, we can  "Awaken Thunder Bay's Giant Potential", address the above issues and help revitalize Thunder Bay by bringing back its vitality, pride and prosperity.
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