My Open Door Policy

Since I am a strong believer in openness and accessibility in municipal government, I will be available to you the citizens of Thunder Bay for any municipal and related issue you are dealing with. 

In order to maintain due process, any questions or concerns that can be answered by administrative staff, should be first handled by the appropriate department. There is a role for the Mayor and Councilors to play, and it is my job to represent you, the citizens and taxpayers of Thunder Bay while maintaining due process that is balanced and fair to all.

I will also be available through phone, fax, e-mail and my web site which I intend to use to keep the community informed on a variety of issues.
During my two previous terms of Council I have taken a leadership role in ensuring that your municipal government had a high degree of openness with the public, and was instrumental in placing the Council agenda online and live streaming Council meetings over the Internet (as well as taped for future viewing), by working closely with the City's Communication Committee and the City Clerk's Office. 
I have also initiated a process of "bringing city hall to the people" through town hall meetings that were livestreamed for full accessibility. I will endeavour to continue reaching out and keep the community fully informed and engaged in the democratic process of inclusion and participation, that reinforces my theme for this campaign of "Our future, Stronger Together"!
For more information, don't hesitate to contact Frank Pullia directly:
Phone: 629-6008 / Email:  / My Open Door Policy