Waterfront Development

The Current Status

While the waterfront development has come a long way and opened the door for private-sector investment through the condos and new hotel, its future plans are not taking into account the City’s ability to pay for such expansion like the Phase 2 that asks for changes that in my mind are more of a want than a need.

Future Plans

I believe that the Waterfront has a great potential for future expansion that should include but not limited to:

  • Maximize current opportunities at the lowest possible cost like we have done with the refurbishment of the Caboose and the Alexander Henry Icebreaker
  • Move the Whalen Tug Boat back from the Kam Park and place it next to the Alexander Henry as part of a Marine Museum
  • Move the via Rail Train to the Pool 6 property as part of the Transportation Museum and refurbish it through the work of volunteers and with the help of Council and community fundraising
  • Equal matching funds from other orders of government (1/3 each)
  • Project expenditures to stay on budget
  • Acquisition of the lands required to open up the public access from the Central Avenue overpass

Continue to remain vigilant on how these various projects are going forward to ensure that the interest of the public and taxpayers are protected.

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