About Frank Pullia

Frank Pullia says he "came up the hard way ..." from a hard-working middle class family. He has made it his life's work being of service to his community and fighting for middle class families. 

During his two terms on City Council, Frank has been called "The Voice of Reason..." and the "Voice of the People". Frank strongly believes in representing his constituency, being accountable and transparent, and that it is an honour and privilege being elected to political office. 
Frank learned first-hand about the economic pressures facing middle class families. As the second child in a family of nine, he needed to help out, got his first job at age fourteen and moved to Thunder Bay from Italy at seventeen soon after completing grade 11.
As a first generation immigrant, Frank understands the value of the dollar. He worked in the stockroom at Eatons’ of Canada, piled lumber at Great West Timber, and loaded boats as a Grain Handler at Cargill Grain while going to school at night.


At age twenty Frank and his brother Peter bought a house together and when their parents and rest of the family moved to Thunder Bay he was able to continue his business administration studies full-time at Lakehead University. Frank believes in and self-financed his whole education. In 1990 he completed his professional designation of Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and in 2010 went back to school to get a Master Degree in Business Administration (MBA).

Frank has lived and worked in Northern Ontario for over 46 years, and has witnessed first-hand the impact of downsizing and restructuring in Mining, Grain Handling, Woodlands and the Pulp and Paper industry and its impact on small communities. This direct experience in the industries that formed the backbone of the regional economy (Great West Timber, Cargill Grain, Kimberly Clark, Ontario Hydro, Northwest-Midwest Alliance) was augmented by his work as a business and economic development consultant and involvement in political office.

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Such experience has given him great insight on the dynamics of the forces that are changing Northern Ontario business and social/economic environments, and the knowledge and experience to take positive action in solving the resulting problems.

Frank is a community activist and his involvement with the community of Thunder Bay is a reflection of his keen interest in being of service to others, which goes behind a professional interest. He truly cares about this community and its future; from the church, to the arts, to health care, to business organizations, to training boards, to technology and innovation, to economic development, to task force on poverty... and the list goes on.

Below is just some of frank's involvement in the community

Councillor at Large from 2006-2010, Chair of the Audit Committee and Vice Chair of the Administrative Services Committee for the City of Thunder Bay. During his term of Council, Frank continued to fight for the middle class working families and was instrumental in lowering tax increase from a high of 7% in 2006 to 1.8% in 2010 (about the level of inflation) while maintaining services and investing in needed infrastructure like roads. In fact, Thunder Bay’s ranking in “Best Places to Live in Canada” went from N. 84 in 2006 to the top 20 in 2010.

Unfortunately, in the period 2010-2014 the City of Thunder Bay ranking dropped dramatically and in 2014 was ranked at N. 109 out of 208 Canadian cities. Here's the link for full ranking http://www.moneysense.ca/canadas-best-places-to-live-2014-full-ranking

That’s a drop in ranking of 89 positions. This was one of the main reasons why Frank returned to politics in the position of Councillor at Large in 2014.  We can and did much better in the last four years of 2014-2017 when the city of Thunder Bay was ranked in the top 25% of cities in Canada in 2017.

Here’s the link for the 2017 full ranking http://www.moneysense.ca/canadas-best-places-to-live-2017-full-ranking



City Councillor for McIntyre Ward from 1994-1997. He represented the City at the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, and the Northwestern Ontario Municipal Association. Some of Frank’s accomplishments during his first term of Council were:

Frank never forgot his roots in labour and since 2000 has worked diligently as a volunteer director and as a Co-Chair of Business on the North Superior Workforce Planning Board (NSWPB) in the planning and development of the city and regional workforce to take advantage of emerging opportunities in all sectors of the local economy, especially Mining.

His experience in governance, financial management and strategic planning allowed him to make a significant contribution to the Board, the City of Thunder Bay and region, and enabled the North Superior Training Board (NSTB) to win a number of awards
Right Photo
Frank and members of the Board receiving the Chamber of Commerce Award of Excellence for Not-For-Profit Organizations in 2005 -
The North Superior Training Board also won the Chamber of Commerce Quality Award in 2006


Chamber of Commerce Awards 2005
As a Certified Management Accountant and MBA, Frank also brings a wealth of professional experience in his volunteer work with many worthwhile Not-for-Profit and community-based organizations.
Past Member of the Knights of Columbus
Current Member of the Holy Name Society and Lector at St. Anthony Church
Da Vinci Care Beyond Compare
Past President of the Da Vinci Centre and Chairman of the Public Relations Committee.
Past committee member of the Fundraising Campaign for St. Joseph's Hospital 

Past committee member of Magnus Theatre Capital Campaign Advisory Council 

Past Board member of the Community Auditorium, Heart of the Harbour Business Improvement Area and Task Force on Poverty.
Helping Small and Medium-Sized Businesses and Social Enterprises in creating and protecting jobs
Past Director on the Board of the Community Economic Development Commission (CEDC)
Past Board member of the International Business Committee of the Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce
Past Chairman of the Downtown Cores Revitalization Advisory Committee

Founding Board member of the Northwestern Ontario Technology Centre


Past Board member of the Northwest-Midwest Alliance
Right Photo - Frank talking to former Governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura about trade and business opportunities with Northwestern Ontario.
Frank has been helping local Small and Medium-Sized businesses and Not-for-Profit organizations enhance their profile and presence in the community through the use of social media marketing. 
Frank's work as a community volunteer has been recognized by the Province of Ontario when in 2011 he received the 10-Year Ontario Volunteer Service Award (See picture below)

With Marg Scott, receiving the Ontario
Volunteer Service Award
Lakehead Alumni
Enjoying a day of golf with the CMA team
at the L.U. Alumni Golf Tournament.

Frank has also taught Accounting at Lakehead University, International Business at Confederation College and Business Ethics and Strategic Planning for the Nipissing/Confederation Commerce Program on a part-time basis.

He has remained involved with the Lakehead University Alumni and participates in many functions on campus and throughout the community. As a Director on the Board of The Institute of Italian Studies at Lakehead University, he helped raise $300,000 for the Advanced Technology Centre Building Fund and provide $50,000 in Scholarships to Lakehead University students.


Frank has been a member of Toastmasters International for over 13 years and has achieved first level certification in Public Speaking. From time to time he acts as Host/Interviewer on community channel programs, and has been a speaker at the International Dinner Series and Profit Edge seminars at Confederation College.

Realizing the need to for many small businesses and Not-For-Profit organizations to raise their profile through the effective use of social media, in 2014 he started a collaborative effort called “Business Profiles with Frank Pullia” which has already helped dozens of community organizations and small businesses increase their visibility and achieve their goals.

Left Photo
Frank hosting a round table discussion on coaching in the workplace.
These and other profiles for various Not-for-Profit organizations are also shown on the local Community Channel program.

He has written a monthly column on the Northern Ontario Business magazine and a weekly column on the Thunder Bay Source called a "Window on the City" covering trends and issues of social, economic, financial and political nature with a global perspective but of particular interest for the city and region. From time to time he has written a business column for Netnewsledger.com and other media in Northern Ontario region, and interviewed political and community leaders.

He is currently writing a book on the traditional Japanese martial arts and modern management techniques. He holds a 1st degree black belt in Shotokan Karate and has used the holistic approach of body-mind-spirit as a way of life to accomplish outstanding results in his personal and professional career.
Frank taught Karate while working at
Kimberly Clark in Terrace Bay  
Frank participating in karate competitions
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