Roads in Thunder Bay had fallen to a deplorable state of disrepair. To some extent this was due to the climate changes that creates havoc on our northern roads, but also due to low investment in our roads in the past. 
As a taxpayer, we want and expect value for our tax dollars. One of the most visible areas of investment in the last eight years has been in roads. As a Councillor at large between 2006 and 2010, I have asked for and initiated resolutions of Council to increase the budget for pothole repair, and for major investment into our roads.
Another area of improvement has been the underground work (old water and sewer lines replacement) being done when we fix a road, to avoid future excavation of newly paved roads.
Much has been accomplished and the results are evident; however, we need to continue such investment in our roads without increasing taxes. My experience in financial management and prudent investing in infrastructure will help ensure that reserve funds will be available for the intended purpose and will not be depleted to fill financial gaps elsewhere in the organization.
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