Economic Development

City Councils on their own do not create jobs, but can help create the conditions that favour investments, expansions and growth. 

As a Board member of the Community Economic Development Commission during my previous term of council, I have been directly involved in the negotiations that allowed companies like Superior Propane (Administrative support), MeaGlow (The Lakehead University Semiconductor Research Lab) and many others, to move to Thunder Bay and create hundreds of good paying jobs. 

I have also worked diligently to ensure that our local businesses are given the tools to expand and grow, by lowering commercial and industrial tax rates, reducing red tape and bureaucracy wherever possible, and through a comprehensive business retention and expansion program that directly engaged our small business community in on-site interviews and consultation.  
Below is an example of these successes:   
  • Superior Propane has established an administrative support office in Thunder Bay with over 100 good-paying jobs. The strategy that has allowed us to attract this company can be used with similar companies that are looking for a superior workforce, lower cost of operation, and lower turnover.
  • Actuary Laboratories (ActLab) is a mining service provider which in a short time has expanded to over 100 good paying jobs on the airport lands.  
  • MeaGlow is the lakehead University Semiconductor Research Lab doing some exciting world-class research on increasing the efficiency of solar panels from 15 to 45 percent. This would enable manufactures to reduce the size substantially (just like the old satellite dishes that are now very small compared to the huge set up required of the early ones), and potentially provide every home and cottage in Thunder Bay and region (and the world) energy independence.        
Obviously more needs to be done to create the kind of growth that allows our young people and workers to stay and work in our beautiful city, and provide those who left a reason to come back.
Please visit my Action Plan  where I outline the steps that I would undertake as Mayor to help make this happen.