As it can be seen by the wide range of issues that still confront our city, and as a result of many years of consultations with the people of Thunder Bay, one clear picture emerges and that is the need for a  comprehensive plan to guide our city into a prosperous and rewarding future, a plan that has clear, achievable and measurable objectives so that you, the taxpayers, will have a way to determine the success and accountability of your leaders.

This plan needs to ensure that this city and region starts really moving forward. Thunder Bay has an exciting future, and the time has come to AWAKEN this giant potential and realize that we CAN be one of the best cities in North America.

We can... awaken the giant.. by charting a course for the future of this community, a future full of promise and possibilities, and one that puts people first.

1. We can do so by uniting the new Council behind one vision, ensuring that mutual cooperation and respect are the fundamental premises on which we stand in serving our community.

2. We can do so by creating new economic opportunities and growth, and create.. good paying jobs.. on which to raise a family.

3. We need to continue on the path of financial accountability and transparency.. to ensure that we, the taxpayers, are getting value for our tax dollars, and the municipality is able to maintain the services and infrastructure needed for a GREAT quality of life.

4. We need to play a leadership role in the region, and work in full partnership with the provincial and federal levels of government, especially in ensuring that we have the COMMUNITY SAFETY that we need.

5. We need to ensure a process of renewal for our community through open communication and inclusion for all the people of Thunder Bay.

This plan is action oriented, and as you explore the various issues and perspective that I have presented in this web site, you will see emerge winning strategies that can allow us to achieve our goals and reach our true potential. 
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