Middle Class Families


During my 7 years as a City Councillor, and through my work with many volunteer organizations, I’ve highlighted the strengths of our community, much to the credit of many organizations and people who also share my passion to create a brighter future for our citizens. This brighter future now seems to be slowly but surely eluding more and more people, especially middle class working families who are finding it more difficult to create such a future for themselves and their children.   
I have analyzed our current state of affairs, taking into consideration the concerns and priorities of the many people I have talked with during the last 4 years and throughout this campaign, and it is no coincidence that our city has dropped in ranking from the Top 20 "Most Livable City in Canada" in 2010, to 109 in 2014 (out of 208 cities across the country). To view the full report please click on the link..

Thunder Bay prides itself for its giant heart, but the record number of people using food banks is nothing to be proud of, and we need to start looking at the fundamental reasons why we still have too many people not being able to provide to their basic needs.
The Ring of Fire has been so hyped by our politicians that now cynicism accompanies every new announcement, even thought there are many mines in Northwestern Ontario ready to go into production over the next 10 years. These emerging job opportunities will not be realized unless we have our workforce ready and able to fill these skilled positions. Please check the North Superior Workforce Planning Board web site www.nswpb.ca where I am the Co-Chair of Business, to get a better idea about my involvement with the board and key community partners in the region, in developing our workforce and helping create good paying jobs on which to raise a family.      
In many of the articles I wrote for local and regional media over the years, I have also explained why leadership and vision is needed, primarily to ensure that Thunder Bay shares in the rest of the province’s growth and prosperity, and gives all our people, genuine hope for the future.
As a result of these consultations with the people of Thunder Bay, one clear picture emerges and that is the need for a  new sense of direction and a comprehensive plan to guide our City into a prosperous and rewarding future, a plan that has clear, achievable and measurable objectives so that you, the taxpayers, will have a way to determine the success and accountability of your leaders.
This plan needs to ensure that this city and region starts really moving forward. Thunder Bay has an exciting future, and the time has come to AWAKEN this giant potential and realize that we CAN be one of the best cities in North America.

I thank you for your support on election day October 27. Your vote allowed me to win the seat of Councillor at Large and continue the fight for middle class families.  
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