Frank Pullia talking with Kathryn Lyzun, a returning young professional, about her reasons to relocate back to Thunder Bay.
This was part of the "Emerging Thunder Bay Region" initiative that Frank spearheaded.
Frank hosting a round table discussion on coaching in the workplace.
This is one of the many initiatives that the Planning Board is engaged in for preparing the local and regional workforce to take advantage of emerging job opportunities in mining and other sectors of growth. 
Frank interviewing community leaders at the Valhalla Inn, Thunder Bay after the Ontario provincial election Leaders' Debates in June 2014.
In this interview David Canfield provided a critique of the debate and the issues affecting Northern Ontario.
Barbara Courte Elinesky talks with Frank Pullia about Mining in Northwestern Ontario.
Barbara is the only woman in North America to own not one but two drilling companies.
Frank Pullia doing a Community Profile with Dr. Albert, who leads a team at the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre in Pulmonary Research using excited gases and Functional MRI Technology.
Frank Pullia interviewing Elissa Field,  one of the finalists in " Enter the Den" a program by Thunder Bay Ventures to encourage and foster entrepreneurship in Thunder Bay area high schools. 
Frank talks with Elissa about her business plan for "Secure Pet Crates" as a way to protect your pet.

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