Health Care
As a senior, you should be looking forward to enjoying your retirement, and have easy and affordable access to city's facilities and the health care system.
In Thunder Bay we are blessed with a beautiful natural setting. Centres like the 55+ have done wonderful things for our seniors, and the City's Homes for the Aged have strived to maintain a high level of service and care for elders.
While this city and region have some very committed health care professionals who have been working under some very difficult circumstances, the city needs to continue to play a meaningful role in tackling issues related to crime prevention and safety such as addiction, substance abuse, poverty, homelessness, and ready access to emergency rooms and personnel when needed.
Proper health care for our city and surrounding region is very high on my priority list. As your Councillor at Large I will work tirelessly with the key health care groups and organizations in the region to ensure that we have the health care professionals that we need to make this one of the best place in Canada to live.
You have also told me that other issues dear to you as a senior are:
Youth Out-Migration
I believe that given the opportunity most people would like to have their children and grandchildren near them, and not have to travel to different parts of the country to visit them. Unfortunately, Thunder Bay has and continues to witness out-migration, the impact of which has major implications for the future of our community.
City's Finances
As a senior on fixed income, financial responsibility and accountability in government are very important to ensure that you get value for your tax dollars.
During my last term on City Council in 2006-2010, I have worked diligently to bring down taxes from the 7-6% high tax increases that taxpayers were experiencing during the previous term of Council (2003-2006) to a more reasonable and stable 2% (just covering the cost of living). I have done so through a respectful challenge of past administrative practices,  continuous improvement of operations, cost controls, and promoting economic expansion through economic initiatives like the ones identified above. 
As your Councillor at Large, I would continue to keep low taxes while maintaining services and investment in roads and other infrastructure, and offer you the tax payer, real value for your tax dollars.  
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