City Beautification

As Mayor, one of my priorities will be to beautify the city by covering visible ditches, adding curbing and proper sidewalks, and planting trees along the major routes that visitors use the most when traveling through the city.

“The beautification of these key areas of our city is part of my Plan to revitalize and renew our economic base and provide the growth necessary to fund such initiatives”.

Beautification also includes ensuring that the City if free of litter and while participating in the annual clean up efforts by Eco-Superior and many community organizations, i realized that many bus stops did not have a proper garbage disposal and I was pleased that council voted in favour of adding 18 more containers during the 2018 budget deliberations.

While Thunder Bay has received some national awards for some of the beautiful gardens in town, most tourists who visit have to travel through some not so beautiful thoroughfares, which leaves them with a wrong impression about our city.

Areas of immediate beautification include Balmoral St., Fort William Road, and Memorial Avenue. This plan will tie together all key tourist areas in the city and while it will provide the tourist with a memorable experience, more importantly, it will give the citizens of Thunder Bay a renewed pride in their community.

We have been diligently increasing our tree canopy and every new development has a better green space component built-in into the agreement under the new Official Plan (i.e. more green and flower beds in front of the buildings facing the main thoroughfares), but more needs to be done.

The Clean, Green and Beautiful budget has now been fixed at .5% of the annual capital budget or a minimum of $250 thousand to ensure that the beautification of our city remains a top priority for future councils.