Waterfront Development

The Current Status

While the waterfront development has come a long way and opened the door for private-sector investment through the condos and new hotel, its future plans are not taking into account the City’s ability to pay for such expansion like the Phase 2 that asks for changes that in my mind are more of a want than a need.

Future Plans

I believe that the Waterfront has a great potential for future expansion that should include but not limited to:

  • Maximize current opportunities at the lowest possible cost like we have done with the refurbishment of the Caboose and the Alexander Henry Icebreaker
  • Move the Whalen Tug Boat back from the Kam Park and place it next to the Alexander Henry as part of a Marine Museum
  • Refurbish the via Rail Train and consult with the Kam River Park Stakeholders which sections can or should be moved to the pool 6 property as part of the Transportation Museum.
  • Equal matching funds from other orders of government (1/3 each)
  • Project expenditures to stay on budget
  • Acquisition of the lands required to open up the public access from the Central Avenue overpass
  • Extend the Waterfront trails to connect the Marina Park with the Kam River Park through a staged process

I continue to remain vigilant on how these various projects are going forward to ensure that the interest of the public and taxpayers are protected.