My Platform

Over my term as Councilor, I have been passionate about engaging with the community, listen to our citizens’ concerns and represent them at council meetings. Among many accomplishments, as your budget and financial committee chair, I have played an important role in turning a trending deficit to a trending surplus from 2014 to 2017 and helped keep taxes low while maintaining investments in services and infrastructure like roads and recreational facilities.

In the 2018 budget we actually added an additional ambulance and seven paramedics as well as a Lift mini bus for seniors with mobility issues. consistent attention to fiscal and social responsibility, and what many citizens viewed as a “steady hand” and a progressive approach to building Thunder Bay’s social infrastructure that led so many to encourage me to run for the position of Mayor. I was humbled by such a response from our community and on June 12 I made the announcement and launched my campaign.

As Mayor of Thunder Bay and through an inspired council, we will work to make Thunder Bay more livable, workable and enjoyable so that we can all be proud to call Thunder Bay our home.

This vision will rest on three key priorities which include:

  • growing the economy
  • a better run city
  • and a stronger, safer community.

A better economy will create better job opportunities for everyone and allow us to keep taxes low while maintaining services. It also provides the opportunity to increase basic civil infrastructure such as better roads, safe and well lit spaces, affordable water, sewers and solid waste disposal.

While we build our economy and generate revenue that helps pay for our services, we need to continuously improve on how we run our city better by living within our means and setting our priorities on how we spend the taxpayers dollars. In doing so I am committed to delivering the city services in the most efficient and cost-effective manner and run a better city by leveraging the knowledge and experience of the city’s operations I have acquired over eleven years on City Council in many positions of responsibility including as Budget and Finance Chair and Chair of the Audit Committee, as well as over thirty years working in the industries that form the backbone of the regional economy and as a business consultant.

The last prong of this progressive platform is to ensure a stronger, and safer community for all by building a social infrastructure that deals with the social determinants of health and improves community safety, strengthens the fabric of our community, is inclusive and leaves nobody behind. This vision will help build a future that provides a healthy social connect and sense of community for our citizens and newcomers migrating to our city while providing a welcoming and nurturing environment for all to enjoy and prosper.

Please join me in helping shape a dynamic and progressive future for our city and thank you for your consideration to vote for me as your next Mayor of Thunder Bay.